Improving the sustainability of supply chains via a collaborative platform
We are the official partners of EcoVadis in Spain and Latin America offering solutions to providers who want to improve their EcoVadis sustainability rating.

What is it?

  • The first collaborative platform for the sustainability rating of global supply chains.
  • The goal is to improve the environmental and social practices of businesses by maximising the influence of the supply chain.
  • The EcoVadis assessment allows suppliers to focus their priorities on sustainability practices.
  • A platform shared by purchaser and provider to accelerate the process, reduce costs and improve the reliability of the information.


Focuses on 21 aspects grouped in four areas:


Work practices and human rights

Good business practices

Sustainable supply


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What does it offer?

Provides suppliers with assistance to check responses prior to their delivery to the EcoVadis system.

The service includes:

· Checking forms completed by suppliers

· Suggesting adjustments in a brief report with comments on how to improve the format of the responses

With the objective of:

· Improving the consistency of questionnaires and increasing understanding of the functioning of EcoVadis

Full annual consultancy in the EcoVadis assessment process and follow-up analysis of results.

The service includes:

· Checking of supplier’s documents

· Formalization of the questionnaire

· Development of an Improvement Plan

· Sustainability route

With the objective of:

· Disposing of an action plan for ongoing improvement in the short- and long-term

· Improving the consistency of forms

· Increasing understanding of how EcoVadis questionnaires work

Training aimed at companies who have previously completed the EcoVadis questionnaire and wish to improve their results in a future reassessment. The training is carried out upon the client’s petition.

The main goal is not only to improve the general environmental management system of your business, but to understand how to link EcoVadis and other standards that have been implemented previously, such as ISO and CDP.

With the objective of:

· Improving understanding of assessment questions

· Harmonizing documents that correspond to the questions on the form

· Identifying areas for improvement

· Recognizing the progress made in terms of sustainability

This is the right option for you if your aim is to:

· Improve the consistency of your EcoVadis questionnaires

· Increase understanding of how EcoVadis works

· Be able to develop an improvement strategy on you own account

Free online training aimed at companies that are completing the EcoVadis questionnaire for the first time.

· Introduction to EcoVadis

· EcoVadis methodology

· Guidance on how to find the resources earmarked for EcoVadis

This is your option if you want to:

· Improve the consistency of your questionnaires

· Acquire introductory knowledge on how EcoVadis works

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